Robert Murphy

Test Technician

Mobile: +353 (0) 874444752

Coming originally from an industrial background Robert has now been working and training as a NDT Technician for over 4 years. His experience is predominantly on new builds, across a wide range of plants in varying industries.

Robert has shown himself to be a good self manager, highly motivated and focussed. He has developed a wide range of NDT and testing skills and is actively training for further NDT Qualifications through the company CPD programme. Robert already has considerable experience of working on major inspection and testing projects and has proved himself a very skilled NDT Technician.

Qualifications & Training

Non Destructive Examination Qualifications

  • PCN Level II: Radiography (X & Y)
  • PCN Level II: Radiography Interpretation
  • PCN: Basic Radiation safety
  • PCN Level 2 Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • PCN Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • PCN Level 2 Ultrasonic Wall thickness & Lamination checking

As part of GQI’s continuing professional development programme Robert has recently obtained his MPI and DPI PCN Level 2 qualifications


Other Skills & Training

  • FAS Safepass
  • Rusal Safety Training including lockout/tag out procedure, confined space
  • Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheel
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Advance Driver Recognition for transportation of Type A & Type B ionising radiation
  • ESB Plant Appreciation course